IoT Penetration Testing

IoT devices are being compromised every single day. From WiFi enabled refrigerator, to smart TVs, to wearables, to the medical devices and Industrial Control Systems, all the devices expose a huge attack surface in a traditional IoT environment. The exponential popularity of the IoT devices multiplexed with the high adoption rate of these devices among consumers, have made IoT a highly lucrative target for any potential attacker.

Often, there is a rush in an organization to get the device ready and shipped to the consumers as soon as possible, thus putting security on a backseat. A vulnerability-ridden product can not only put the device in a bad light, but can also end up damaging the reputation of the company and loss of consumer’s trust and confidence in that company.

We at Attify have done numerous penetration testing engagements on IoT devices from various verticals such as:

  • Smart Homes
  • Medical Devices
  • Retails
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Grid security
  • Enterprise IoT and more.

We are aware of the fact that an IoT security assessment requires huge expertise, primarily because of the various components included in any IoT architecture - Hardware device, Firmware, Network, Radio, Web and Mobile.

Attify offers a complete security assessment and penetration testing through our unique offering of Attacker Simulated Exploitation for IoT solutions. This involves our security researchers compromising your system and devices with an attacker’s mindset, thus revealing any possible security holes that might lead to a security breach of your IoT device.

Attify can work with you at all the different stages of your product lifecycle:

  1. Planning and pre-development phase
  2. During development
  3. Post-development and before shipping
  4. Already shipped 

Components involved 

A typical IoT penetration test (Attacker Simulated Exploitation) would involve the following components:

  • Threat modeling
  • Firmware reverse engineering and binary exploitation
  • Hardware based exploitation
  • Web, Mobile and Cloud vulnerabilities
  • Wireless security analysis
  • Infrastructure security
  • Radio communication reversing and exploitation
  • Protocol analysis
  • PII data security analysis
  • Working with developers to recommend best mitigations
  • Re-assessment

Get Started


  • Due to the huge number of requests we receive, we only work with clients whom we believe we can genuinely help. 
  • One of our technical team members would reach out to you within 48 hours in order to understand the scope and discuss the requirements.



  • We will notify you of any critical finding as soon as it is discovered 
  • We share a DSR (Daily Status Report) with you to have an idea of what module we're testing currently
  • Once the testing is complete, we share a highly detailed report mentioning the vulnerabilities and the best available mitigations specific to your scenario.
  • We interact with you (conference room, phone call, webex) for a brief discussion of the overall engagement, including having additional discussions with your developers, if needed.
  • Once your developers have fixed all the vulnerabilities, a re-assessment is conducted to ensure that all the vulnerabilities have been securely patched. 
  • Continuous testing at frequent intervals depending on your requirements.




IoT Pentest



  • Delivered by Attify Inhouse Pentesters
  • In-depth Assessment guaranteed
  • Detailed Report with POCs
  • Recommendations and Mitigations
  • 1 Free Reassessment w/ Report
Manual + Automated

Notes on the pricing:

  • You will need to ship the devices to us at least 6 days before the engagement start date 
  • One of the technical team members from your team would need to attend the on-boarding call 
  • The exact number of days will be decided after discussing the project specifics 
  • Additional collaboration is possible to strengthen the security of the application post-pentesting 
  • The pentesting can be performed both pre-release and post-release of the solution