Founded in 2013, Attify has been a global leader in IoT, mobile, big data and infrastructure security.  


Attify's team includes security professionals with expertise ranging in various fields including Reverse Engineering, Embedded Device security, Radio reversing, Web application pentesting and infrastructure security.

Attify is also the creator of popular training courses such as "Offensive Internet of Things (IoT) Exploitation", "Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation" and more.  

Attify members have also written books and papers such as "Learning Pentesting for Android Devices", "A Short Guide on ARM Exploitation" and many more. 

We have also presented our research at numerous conferences such as BlackHat (USA, Asia, EU, AbuDhabi) Defcon, OWASP AppSec USA, AppSec APAC, Nullcon, Toorcon, ClubHack, phDays, Syscan and more. 


Open Positions

Penetration Tester and Security Researcher

Attify is always on the lookout for excellent security researchers who are willing to join the team. We are looking for talented individuals who want to break the most secure applications and devices. 


  • Minimum 2+ years active experience pentesting 
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of PTES and OWASP 
  • Must have identified high quality bugs previously 


  • Bangalore, India
  • Remote 

If you think you have in you, what it takes to be challenged in complex devices and applications, ending up in breaking their security - send us a message below. 

Android and iOS app developer

Do you have a passion for building Android and iOS mobile apps? Is Android Studio and Xcode the place where you live, breathe and sleep. 

Want to take your app development skill set to the next level, yet find time to work on your personal and research projects. 

Attify is now hiring developers who are confident enough to build and modify mobile applications for the users and building applications for training labs for security researchers. 



  • 1+ years experience in building Mobile applications

  • Must have previously built mobile applications

  • In-depth knowledge of various Android, Objective C and Swift programming concepts

  • Knowledge of various libraries and 3rd party SDKs 

  • Open source projects and contribution to another project is an added plus 



  • Bangalore, India
  • Remote 

If you think you have in you, what it takes to be challenged in complex scenarios and building mobile applications with the massive impact, send us a message below. 


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